Thursday, March 10, 2011

From Chicago Guest choreographer Eddy Ocampo

It was a pleasure coming to UWSP to teach master classes as well as reset "Wipe" on the students. Wipe is a very personal piece. There were so many personal journeys for me with Wipe. It is one of the first pieces where I employed improvisation as the means to generate the movement phrases. Not often do I have the luxury of time to create a work in this way, but with Wipe I allowed the dancers to improv for the first 2 weeks of the rehearsal process. I video taped everything and after the improvisation period I moved and arranged things around until we came up with the beautiful piece we have today. The challenge was resetting Wipe on UWSP is that I literally had to go back into the original rehearsal process and remember what was going on in the studio. Each original cast member contributed movement phrases as well as their personal stories. Recreating it with the dancers of UWSP was interesting and challenging. I tried to stay true to Wipe's original form, to its characters, and message, as well as allowing the UWSP dancers to contribute their artistry to the piece. I hope everyone gets a chance to see it! It turned out so beautifully. I am so proud of the UWSP cast!

Eddy Ocampo

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