Tuesday, April 21, 2009

god of dirt Preview

Sit in on rehearsal and get a sneak peak at god of dirt, a collaboration between UWSP and Jump Rhythm Jazz Project.

god of dirt
Choreography by Billy Siegenfeld

god of dirt is an earth-honoring folk dance that transcends national cultures. Its percussive, hand-grasping, heavy-booted movement life arises from grafting the swinging, sharp-edged rhythms of Jump Rhythm Technique (tm) onto a suite of yearning, mocking, growling, melancholic, and ecstatic songs created by the boundary-crossing Serb-Croat composer Goran Bregovic. This piece complements JRJP's repertory of universal human stories told through emotion-charged bursts of energy and reflects the company's ongoing commitment to performing the vernacular body-rhythms and beat-driven vocalizations that define the core of true jazz performance. In three forward-moving episodes, god of dirt celebrates the survival tenacity, wry humor, and humility that, in combination, re-connect people to community, their own bodies' wisdom, and the earth's capacity for instruction in this increasingly cyber-driven, technology-dependent world.

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