Monday, February 21, 2011

'Suite For Buster' Update

Honoring the life and spirit of tap legend Dr. James ""Buster" Brown, Jeannie Hill's new tap suite is off to a terrific start. We've improvised to swinging jazz tunes and raucous music with a New Orleans second line feel. The dancers are being introduced to Buster's life by learning the steps to his two-chorus routine, an uptempo arrangement of the David Raskin/Johnny Mercer song "Laura." Jeannie's telling stories, we're looking at pictures, watching videos and invite you to take a look at the website created in honor of the great master,

Friday, February 18, 2011

Our Danstage 2011 Program

Danstage 2011 features five unique works choreographed by faculty members Jeannie Hill, Michael Estanich, and Joan Karlen, and Chicago guest choreographer Eddy Ocampo.

Wipe / choreographed by guest artist Eddy Ocampo

Suite for Buster / choreographed by Jeannie Hill

In The Attic Room / choreographed by Michael Estanich

A Classical Dance I / choreographed by Michael Estanich

Trace / choreographed by Joan Karlen

2011 Guest Choreographer Announced!

Chicago artist Eddy Ocampo will be staging his original work "Wipe" for Danstage 2011. For more information about Mr. Ocampo please visit