Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Dirty, Loud, Messy, Ugly video preview

Dirty, Loud, Messy, Ugly, a three-section work choreographed by Jeannie Hill features nineteen energetic, athletic, visceral, raw, percussive dancers. With a narrative undertone exploring conflict the sections personify desperation, demons, and moving forward. Using recognizable musical and physical quotes Dirty, Loud, Messy, Ugly pays homage to the late, great Michael Jackson.

The Lonely Visitors video preview

Michael Estanich's new work, The Lonely Visitors, is structured like a poem- a series of images colliding and smashing together to reveal both the whimsical and perfidious nature of the heart. The dancers share stories- with their voices and bodies. Non-linear in nature, the collection of short episodes poner the depths and desires that love holds over us- from the giddiness of a favorite song to the romantic idealism of melancholy to the hurt of a collapsed relationship. The stories take shape in simple, hones, and profound ways and lead the audience on a journey through the imagination.

Cupid Takes A Holiday video preview

Joan Karlen's Cupid Takes A Holiday combines the sweeping elegance of partnered ballet lifts with a light hearted look at being struck by cupid's arrow. The choreography opens with a theme and variation structure and groups of men and women passing each other with seemingly little consequence. Momentum builds until cupid's instigation disrupts their homogeny and the dancers' expressive range and technical acuity are unleashed in this exuberant revelry.

Mad Rush video preview

Inspired by a Philip Glass score, Pamela Luedtke's Mad Rush features live accompaniment by pianist Steven Radtke, a 2006 UWSP music major graduate. The dance explores the pace of modern society through each individual's role within a community, alone, and within society. Each dancer alternates between representing an individual and 10,000 people.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Cupid Takes A Holiday slideshow

John Morser, photographer